Our Mission

Esteem Marriage is a ministry founded in 2016 by Maggie & Warren Russell based in Huntsville, TX, for the purpose of helping every church disciple every marriage. We can help you figure out what works best for your church and will provide training and assistance to help you achieve your goals for marriage discipleship!

Marriage is a sacred relationship ordained by God from the beginning of mankind. The first union, Adam & Eve, begins in the second chapter of Genesis. And marriage is how Revelation concludes with the Great Wedding Feast!

Esteem Marriage Missionaries exists to encourage churches to start marriage mentoring programs to bring back Titus 2:1-8, the older men teaching the younger men and the older women teaching the younger women. This approach has worked for millennia, but in the past century we have moved away from it.

We will meet with any church willing to consider a fresh approach to helping couples by starting a marriage mentoring ministry.
We will help with the end to end process:

  • Assess your church’s needs
  • Set up a plan for you
  • Training & set-up to get started
  • On-going support available

Churches’ role in Marriages today…

  • Create an environment where youth in the church look forward to a future of getting married
  • Help couples prepare for marriage
  • Help encourage couples starting out with classes and fellowship groups
  • Help couples having a difficult time

All these actions can be performed through the marriage mentoring ministry!

Esteem Marriage works with the local church to figure out the perfect program for their congregation and culture to disciple every marriage.

Contact us for more information.